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DIY Lubica String Bikini

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

In this post you will find instructions and tips on how to make the Lubica Copacabana bikini by yourself.

Several weeks ago I posted a quick video on TikTok on how to make a bikini like this. I wasn't sure if people would be interested in trying to make a Lubica bikini by themselves but as it turns out you are! Yeay 🤗 I have decided to share my knowledge and sewing skills with you and provide you with a free bikini pattern in three sizes (S,M,L)

This is a Brazilian back bikini (a thong). The measurements are on the pattern but if you feel you would like the bikini to fit a little bigger or smaller please feel free to adjust the measurements to your liking.

What you will need:

#1 - Main Material

Half a yard or a yard of spandex/ lycra material aka swimsuit material (having little extra material is always good just in case you make a mistake). Make sure it is a 4 way stretch. This will make your bikini more comfortable to wear.

#2 - Lining

Half a yard of lining. You can use your main material as lining which means you will cut your front piece and triangle top twice from the main material. If you decide to use lining material (for example nude or white etc) make sure the lining is the same 4 way stretch. The lining has to stretch as much as the main material otherwise your swimsuit won't look and feel good.

#3 - Trimmings

Thread (please make sure you match it the main fabric as much as you can), scissors or cutting wheel, chalk, pins. If decide to use cutting wheel make sure you cut the material on a cutting board.

#4 - Sewing Machine

Regular sewing machine will do just fine for this project. You don't need a serger.

#5 - Free Bikini Pattern

I have created an easy to follow bikini pattern in three sizes for you. You can download it bellow for free. Step by step sewing instructions and video will follow in this blog.

If you decided you can't bother with sewing and you would like to purchase the Copacabana bikini instead , please click below.

If you are excited and ready to make this sexy swimsuit here are the step by step instructions:

Step #1 - Print and cut out pattern pieces

Download and print the Free Lubica Bikini Pattern. If you have any questions please post them in the comment section bellow and I will be happy to answer you.

There are 4 pattern pieces for this bikini. The triangle top , front and back pieces plus a pattern for the strings.

The sizes are in different colours. Choose the right size for you and cut along that color outline. For SMALL - cut out red pattern. For MEDIUM - cut out black pattern and for LARGE - cut out green pattern.

The front and back patterns are cut on fold (meaning the pattern is half of the finished product). If you would prefer the full size pattern you can trace it on thick paper and mirror it at centre front/ centre back. If you decide to do that, you will then cut the patterns open flat on the fabric, you won't fold the fabric.

(Suggestion, great paper for patterns is the large bristol board sheet from Dollarama , $0.50 each )

Step #2 - Cut out your pieces from fabric

Cut all the pattern pieces as they are. You do not need to add seam allowance.

Start off with cutting the strips for strings first. Lay out the fabric wrong side down on your work table so that you are looking at the right side (cut edge of the fabric is towards you, edges of the fabric are facing the sides of the table). Now fold the fabric left to right (or right to left) as long as it's original edge to edge. The cut edge is still towards you. Make sure the cut edge of the fabric is straight and place the string pattern piece as close to the cut edge as possible. Repeat 5 times. Don't cut the folded edge of the fabric as you need these strips to be long (full width of the fabric).

Front and back pattern pieces are both cut on fold. Again, lay out the fabric wrong side down on your work table so that you are looking at the right side (cut edge of the fabric is towards you, edges of the fabric are facing the sides of the table). Now fold the cut edge of the fabric away from you , so you are looking at the wrong side of the fabric. Place the front or back pattern piece on the fold of the fabric as close to the edge as you can. Hold the pattern piece in place and trace along it with tailors chalk. After you traced your pattern piece carefully pin it in few places so that the fabric doesn't move when you cut it. Repeat for both pattern pieces.

If you are using your main fabric as your lining , please cut the front pattern piece twice.

For the triangle top, place the pattern piece on folded fabric away from the folded edge. Place the pattern so that the bottom part is parallel with the edge of the fabric. Trace the pattern, pin it in several places and cut it out. If you are using the main material as lining repeat this step again. If you are using separate lining place the pattern piece on folded lining (bottom of pattern parallel to the original edge , no the cut edge).

When you are finished you should have these pieces:

Triangle top - 4 pieces (2 main material, 2 lining)

Bottom Front - 2 pieces (1 main material, 1 lining)

Bottom Back - 1 piece (this piece doesn't have to be lined)

Strings - 5 pieces ( two for bikini bottom , one for each triangle and one to be used as the top's draw string )

Please watch following video to see how i cut my pattern pieces:

Step #3 - Sew Sew Sew

You are now ready to sew the pieces together. Make sure you thread your machine properly with matching thread on top and in the bobbin. Use straight stitch, length 3 , tension 5. ( This is what i use on my Singer machine but this might be different for your machine).

Please watch the following video for sewing instructions:

Part 1 - sewing the bottom

Part 2 - sewing the top

I hope you were able to follow my instructions. I am very excited to see the bikinis you guys have made using my pattern, so please email me photos of your work or tag me on IG @lubica_official (you can also DM them to me as if your account is private i wont able able to view them) or if you are on TikTok please tag THANK YOU!

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