Protective Face Mask 1pc


This unisex protective face mask is made from 3 layers for extra protection from dust, pollen and much more. It is made from cotton, microfibre filter and lined with another layer of soft, white 100% cotton ( certified by OEKO-TEX 100 which is an international testing and certification system for textiles, manufactured from non-toxic materials only.) It's lightweight, breathable and won't loose its shape with use.


The mask doesn’t rest against your mouth or nose openings therefore allows for easy and comfortable breathing even for long periods of time.

Soft lycra elastic bands won't cut into and hurt your ears (which is very important if you have to wear the mask for more than an hour) and they also make it easy to put the mask on and off without touching your face. It can easily be folded inside your pocket when not in use.

Mask can be washed and ironed (on "cotton" setting) repeatedly.

These are non-medical masks.


Some masks wont look 100% identical to the one in photo due to print layout of the material.